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Consumer confidence in the transport industry

Updated: May 13

Challenges Ahead Consumer Confidence in the Transport Industry

You may be forgiven for thinking that the parcel and delivery industry are setting new standards and everything is rosy in the garden, if recent news articles are to be believed. It is true that business is booming for the ecommerce delivery sector, with everything from food to parcels to furniture being ordered online and requiring collection/delivery, but at what eventual cost? Covid19 + lockdown = record online sales! “Retail operators who also require home delivery drivers are putting profit before people in many cases during these uncertain times. Would you want a two-man crew entering your property to deliver items such as furniture when they may have already passed through several other residential premises on that particular day alone? - Its a dilemma for that sector.” Speaking to a client operating from within retail, we begin to understand the way in which the savvy salesperson makes the modern review work for the company. Retail companies may request a review from a customer at the point of sale where they have had excellent service from a salesperson, yet when their furniture turns up sometimes weeks later, the delivery crew may encounter issues if said furniture will not fit into the property. Ergo the company has already received their much coveted appraisal online, whilst the customer may be wholly dissatisfied and the delivery crew left picking up the pieces as the 'face' of their respective company. We operate in a world where consumer reviews and online 'word-of-mouth' count for so much. We routinely see parcel companies scoring low marks compared to retail on independent review sites such as Trustpilot, but why? Is the public opinion of the transport industry at an all time low? Part of the problem aside from the aforementioned sales tactics' that customers awaiting a parcel delivery will more often than not post a review once their package has arrived, hence any intervening problems will be highlighted. Another reason why delivery companies fair unreasonably high in the detrimental remarks column is purely down to the age that we live in. More people than ever are exercising their right to comment with some even feeling the need to vent online! Delving into the figures for a short overview from Trustpilot alone we see that of twelve carrier companies, only three are rated as excellent whereas seven are rated bad or poor! Price is not a determining factor either as some of the more expensive carriers to use are being hammered! This has to change for the future otherwise those consistently receiving poor reviews will need to alter their approach or inevitably go out of business.

Not all delivery drivers are the same “There is a marked difference in quality between the intelligence and motivation of a driver at the top of their game compared to many of the others” Having spoken to clients currently employed within the delivery sector it is clear that the driver can make the difference in customer satisfaction in many cases. As key workers, the face of the company to many, a good driver with experience and intelligence can be the difference between keeping or losing contracts and in some cases gaining new business. But all too often we see negative comments about drivers as if 'anyone can drive a van' being the general consensus. This is an unfair assumption. Many of the online complaints are of drivers with a downtrodden attitude under huge pressure and unable to fulfill the necessary. Smart drivers will make it happen and deal with customers in a professional manner, particularly experienced drivers having been through the training courses both legally binding such as CPC, those provided by employers and also those that can be sourced externally to improve their mindset and safety. (You can read more on the subject of drivers and their training by perusing our "Plight of the Professional Driver" blog) In conclusion, customer satisfaction and confidence is paramount to success and every delivery firm wants to be hailed as the best. But with so much demand for deliveries to be executed as soon as possible and with the pandemic adding to the online orders/workload, companies are turning to those that may not be up to the job. A combination of a vast workload and over pressured staff subsequently reflecting a poor consumer view of the industry. It is our mission at MTH Express to alter and correct these standards and attitudes for the better for all.

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